Curry Leaves prevent Premature Hair Fall, Greying, Cholesterol

Curry Leaves home made remedies to cure Teeth and Gum pain,Swelling in body and Obesity, Gas in stomach, acidity, Jaundice, Cholera, Strong and shining hair, sores and Blisters in throat, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Diarrhea, Skin Diseases, Premature Greying, Osteoporosis, Boils.
Curry Leaves Premature Grey Hair Treatment

The curry leaves tree also called Murraya koeniggi is a sub tropical plant native to India and Srilanka. It is a small plant with white flowers which self pollinate. It gives little black fruit with one seed in it. Its leaves are fragrant and used in cooking, in many South Asian countries. The leaves have lot of vitamin A, calcium and amino acids. It is good for digestion and loss of weight.

For Strong and Shining Hair

Take equal quantities of Curry Leaves and Henna leaves and grind them together. Add some sesame seeds oil to this and boil on a stove. Let it cool and filter it. Store the oil in a glass bottle. Apply this oil everyday to strengthen hair follicles and get strong and shining hair.

Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil to avoid Premature Hairfall, Grey Hair

We all love black hair, don’t we? But some of us are not so lucky. But there is an excellent remedy for it using curry leaves. Add some fresh curry leaves to coconut oil and boil it. Let it cool and then apply on the scalp to stop premature greying. Even better fact that it helps reverse already grey hair and turns it black.
Apply this oil at luke warm temperature 1 hour before washing you hair.
Rub it gently in circles on your scalp, so that oil sinks into the roots of hair.
Wash with a pH zero shampoo or Shikakai or Reetha powder after atleast one hour.
This reduces hairfall, premature greying, dandruff, lice etc.

Other Home Made Natural Remedies with Curry Leaves

  • For Lack of Hunger and Indigestion:
    Take some curry leaves and coriander seeds and grind them together. Add some salt and chilli powder to it. Consume this twice a day to cure lack of hunger and indigestion.
  • For Teeth and Gum Pain:
    Obtain some curry leaves and Indian beech tree roots (karanja in sanskrit) in equal quantities. Add them to water and slowly boil it. Let it cool till it becomes lukewarm. Put this decoction in mouth, gargle and spit out. This will cure teeth and gum pains.
  • For Swelling in Body and Obesity:
    Take equal quantities of curry leaves and Indian gooseberry fruit and crush them together. Drink a half cup of this decoction early in the morning on empty stomach. This will reduce swelling in the body. It is also an excellent remedy for obesity reduction.
  • For Flatulence, Acidity:
    Take equal quantities of curry leaves dried in the shade, dry ginger powder, pepper powder and grind to a fine powder. Eat 6 grams of this just before consuming food. It will cure gas in stomach and acidity.
  • For Jaundice:
    Wash curry leaves and crush them to get their juice. Add an equal quantity of ghee (clarified butter) to it. Drink this juice in the morning and evening to cure jaundice gradually.
  • For Cholera:
    Obtain equal quantities of curry leaves, nut grass, pepper, edible camphor and himalayan pink salt. Put in a mortar and pestle and grind together. Roll into pea sized balls and store in a glass bottle. Consume one pill every hour, it will cure cholera gradually.
  • For Sores and Blisters in Throat:
    Crush curry leaves and extract 20 grams of juice. Now add some sugar to it. Drink this thrice a day to cure sores and blisters in throat.
  • For Diabetes:
    Eating curry leaves regularly lowers blood sugar level by regulating insulin release. Chewing 4 curry leaves along with pepper cloves early in the morning, helps manage blood sugar levels. Hence it is good for diabetics.
  • For Cholesterol:
    Curry leaves are packed with anti oxidants. They prevent oxidation of cholesterol and in turn increase good cholesterol. This is good for heart.
  • For Diarrhea:
    Curry leaves contain carbazole alkaloid which has antibacterial properties. Crush some curry leaves and add to buttermilk and drink. Not only is it yummy, it cures diarrhea and upset stomach.
  • For Skin Diseases:
    Curry leaves contain antibacterial anti fungal properties. Hence apply curry leaf paste on the infected area, to get rid of skin infection.
  • For Osteoporosis:
    Chewing half a dozen of curry leaves strengthens bones and is good for people with osteoporosis condition. It is a good supplementary treatment.
  • For Boils:
    Boils on the skin can be very painful and also look ugly. Applying curry leaf paste on the boils, helps crush them and give relief.