Medicinal Clay Band Preparation, Usage on Skin

Medicinal Clay like Bentonite, Montmorillonite, Fuller’s Earth used in Ayurveda to cure constipation, flatulence, ulcer, headache, impotency, irregular menstruation, pimples.
Clay comes from Soil, which consists of particles obtained by the grinding of stones over thousands of years. The predominant constituents of soil are minerals, water, organic matter, and air. It has five types based on particle size and composition. They are sand, clay, silt, loam and humus.
bentonite clay facial body mask

Clay : Clay has particle size less than 0.075 mm and is sticky and changes in volume
upon contact with water.

Silt : Silt has particle size greater than 0.075 mm, inorganic in nature. it exhibits
plastic and non plastic behavior.

Loam : Mixture of sand,silt and clay in different proportions

Humus : This is soil consisting of dead and decaying organic matter with some inorganic

Sand : This consists large particles without chemicals and minerals.

Medicinal Clay Properties

Clay has lot of medicinal properties. Yes, You read that right!
It is essential for human survival. It is an undeniable fact. Ancient sages in India and modern scientists have confirmed that soil has excellent medical properties to cure any disease. You may Try it, to experience it’s miraculous benefits.
Usage of medicinal clay in folk medicine goes back to prehistoric times. Indigenous peoples around the world still use clay widely, which is related to Geophagy.
Most commonly used clays are kaolin and the smectite clays such as bentonite, montmorillonite, and Fuller’s earth.
First known geophagy in history was when Krishna ate clay and showed 14 different worlds inside his mouth to his mother (Ref : Bhagavatam)

medicinal clay usages

Preparation of Medicinal Clay Band

Obtain dry soil from lakes, or canals, or agricultural fields or vast lands.
Grind it to powder and filter it using cotton cloth to get fine powder.
Store this powder in clay pot for future usage.

When needed take some soil from the pot, and add water to it, and make into a paste. Keep the paste aside for 12 hours. Take a cotton cloth and apply this paste on it, of about one inch thickness.

Using Medicinal Clay band

Bandage the clay band on affected area of the body and sprinkle water on it from time to time.

Few Home Made Remedies using Medicinal Clay Band

  • Applying clay band on stomach cures constipation, flatulence, ulcers and all stomach ailments.
  • Applying the clay band on head and scalp gives faster relief from severe headaches by sucking excess heat from the head.
  • For women applying clay band on lower abdomen will cure all menstruation problems.
  • Applying bentonite clay band on groin area will remove nervous weakness and cures impotency in males.
  • Applying clay band on respective parts of the body cures various diseases like sores, pimples, itches, Tuberculosis, and tonsils.

Precautions while using Medicinal Bentonite Clay Band(s)

Never apply clay band on open cuts, bleeding wounds and burns.
Few cultures have habit of eating clay, but this can lead to long term digestion problems.