Dolphin was Vishnu as Matsyavatara, Noah’s Ark

Matsya (Sanskrit: मत्स्य, means “Fish“) is the avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu in the form of a fish, who rescued the first man, Manu, from a great deluge.
Matsya Purana and Srimad Bhagavatam narrate similar stories of a king named Satyavrata (Vaivasvata Manu) who was guided by a giant fish to save every species on plant, animal and human on earth from a mighty flood.
matsyavatara vishnu dolphin

Once when he was offering water oblation in the Kritamala River, a tiny shaphari fish was caught in his folded hands. As the king was about to throw away the fish, the fish pleaded to be not thrown in the water, where larger fishes would devour it. Assuring the fish protection, the king put it in a small jar and took it with him.

MatsyavatarBut the fish grew larger and requested for more space, the king moved it in a small pond, but the fish soon outgrew it. As the fish outgrew water reservoirs, Satyavrata transferred it to a lake, then to larger reservoirs and subsequently to the ocean.
But the fish requested Satyavrata that it was afraid of the dangerous marine predators of the ocean. Bewildered by these words, the king asked the fish to reveal his true identity, but soon deduced that this supernatural fish was none other than Vishnu and surrendered to him.

Matsya-Vishnu declared that a great flood would come seven days from then and engulf the universe. He ordered Satyavrata to assemble the seven great sages and with their counsel, gather all kinds of seeds, herbs and various beings to load them on a boat, that would be sent by Vishnu on the fateful day.
He instructed that the serpent Vasuki should be used as a rope to tie the boat to his fish-horn. Promising that he would sail the boat through the waters throughout the night of Brahma, Matsyavatara disappeared after his revelation and reappeared as a horned fish on the day of the Deluge, when torrential rains drenched the earth.
Satyavrata did as Vishnu instructed and fastened the boat to the horned fish (Matsya).

As Matsyavatara swam through the flood waters, he discoursed the king on various topics and revealed to him knowledge of the Vedas, Puranas, Samhitas as well as the Supreme Truth.
After last wave of the flood ended, Matsya slew Hayagriva and rescued the Vedas and handed them over to Brahma, who woke after his night.

nirmagna sruthi jaala maargaNa dasaa dathakshaNair veekshaNai:
antha: thanvadhiva aravinda gahanaan oudanvatheenaam apaam /
nishprathyooha tharanga ringaNa mitha: prathyooDa paatha: chaDaa
Dola AarOha sadOhaLam bhagavatha: maatsyam vapu: paathu na

Translation : The Lord dived into the ocean in the form of a fish searched with His lotus eyes, rapidly viewing on all directions creating an illusion of lotus flowers blossoming everywhere – all in search of the Vedas that had been stolen by an Asura. The ebb and flow of the waves of the Ocean seemed to be a swinging cradle that soothed and almost lulled Him into a comfortable reverie. May this Lord of “Matsya Avataara” protect us – Bhagavata Purana 5000 BC.

Matsya Purana has Agni Purana version is similar to the Bhagavata Purana version, but mentions Vaivasvata Manu only collecting all seeds (not living beings) and assembling the seven great sages similar to the Mahabharata version. It also adds the basis of the Matsya Purana, being the discourse of Matsya to Manu, to the Bhagavata Purana version.

Noah’s Ark, Gilgamesh flood myth etc derive same story of Matsyavatara

noahs arkNoah’s Ark (Hebrew: תיבת נח‎; Biblical Hebrew: Tevat Noaḥ) is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative (Genesis chapters 6–9) by which God saves Noah, his family, and a remnant of all the world’s animals from the flood. God gives Noah detailed instructions for building the ark: it is to be of gopher wood, smeared inside and out with pitch, with three decks and internal compartments; it will be 300 cubits long (137.16 m, 450 ft), 50 wide (22.86 m, 75 ft), and 30 high (13.716 m, 45 ft); it will have a roof “finished to a cubit upward“; and an entrance on the side.
The story goes on to describe the ark being afloat throughout the flood and subsequent receding of the waters before it came to rest on Mount Ararat. The story is repeated, with variations, in the Quran, where the ark appears as Safina Nuh (Arabic: سفينة نوح‎ “Noah’s boat“).

There are multiple instances of Matsyavatara saving human, animal and all plant species on earth giving instructions to a King in many civilizations.
The Gilgamesh flood myth is a flood myth in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Lemuria, Great flood of China, Viracocha etc stories are such examples.

Vishnu as Matsyavatara was a Dolphin

Vishnu as Matsyavatara was a huge Dolphin, not Whale.
Every civilization has copied and adapted the story of Matsya saving life on earth by guiding a king and this is the reason why the entire world does NOT eat dolphins or harm them, as the dolphin saved the Vedas, which contained the blue prints for the cosmos and DNA codes of life on earth.
Many eat multiple species of Fish but not Dolphins.
dolphin sense humanDolphins are more intelligent than other aquatic animals and pass the mirror test.
Only humans, Indian elephants, apes like Bonobos and Dolphins pass the mirror test.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans have shown that dolphin brains in relation to their body size and are about four to five times larger than any other animal of similar size.
Dolphins are second only to humans in smartness. MRI scans indicate that these marine mammals are self-aware. Dolphins are especially vulnerable to suffering and trauma and they can die of heart attack (like sensitive humans !).
Dolphins demonstrate skills and awareness previously thought to be present only in humans.

Matsya Purana and Bhagavatam narrate that when Satyavrata was doing Surya Argha standing in water at waist level, with his cupped hands full of water, a tiny fish jumped and landed in his palms.
Satyavrata put the fish back into the water and to scooped water again with his cupped hands and started praying again.
He noticed that the same tiny fish jumped and was back in his palms. He did so several times with the same result. The tiny fish had a mind of its own.
Only fish that has horizontal tail (Dolphin) can jump straight out of water.
Dolphins use not only their eye-sight, but also echo-location (similar to sonar) to avoid obstacles and find prey.
Matsyavatara guided Satyavraya’s ship with this sense.
Dolphins have been observed to teach their young to use tools. They also have been observed to display a variety of cultural characteristics such as holding a type of funeral ceremony for their dead.

Dolphins have no sense of smell due to lacking any olfactory nerve and lobes.
They use their sense of taste much like we use our sense of smell though. Dolphins will often taste the water around them for this purpose. Dolphins possess complex cognitive and creative abilities. They also display culture, something long believed to be unique to humans.
Dolphins can feel our brain waves and DNA vibes.
That is why they can detect human pregnancy and growing embryo inside womb.

Dolphins emit sounds at 7.83 Hz (frequency of OMKAARA)

The sound emitted by the dolphins, has a frequency of 7.83 hertz which is the same as the Hindu king Mantra OM and the earth’s heart beat ( Schumann’s resonance ).
OM frequency is the “tuning fork” of the planet, and it generates natural healing properties when living things are entrained to its rhythm.
Entrainment occurs when two objects are synchronized by a common vibration. When two or more objects resonate together, they are in tune. Being in tune with the OM or Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 hertz is to be in touch with the fundamental flow of one’s being.

Human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields in the environment have shown that 7.83 hertz is the frequency of alpha rhythms —the brain frequency of the relaxed and creative mind. The dominant brain wave rhythm of all mammals in alpha or resting state is 7.83 Hz .

In one experiment, student volunteers lived for four weeks in a hermetically sealed environment that screened out magnetic fields, specifically the 7.83 Hz frequency. These students started suffering emotional distress and migraine headaches which were immediately cleared after a brief exposure to 7.83 Hz.
This is why astronauts take a 7.83 field generator in their space crafts. No Hindu mantra chant is complete without starting with OM .
OM is the sound of light or the photon. The primordal vibrations of atoms and molecules is thus represented by OM. The spiritual efficacy of Om is heard, not by the ears but by the heart . OM surcharges the innermost being of man with vibrations of the highest reality.

Brahmarshi Viswamitra discovered that the sound emitted by our revolving galaxy (milky way) is OM and is at same 7.83 Hz frequency.
Human ear can discern only a very narrow band between 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. The rest is inaudible. This is why NO cosmic sound can be heard by the human ear. These cosmic sounds were heard by rishis in their spiritual trances which broadened their sense spectrums. However our brain can register the vibrations.
Diviners use OM resonance to find water in arid areas.
The Christian AMEN and the Jewish SHALOM are adaptations of Mantra OM.
While OM releases Nitric Oxide, Amen and Shalom only emit a sound.

All civilizations are friendly to Dolphins except the Japanese.
Every year more than 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan during a 8 month season.
Bottlenose dolphins, especially ones that look like Flipper, are pre-selected by trainers and sold off for upwards of $200,000 to marine mammal parks around the world, where they will remain in captivity performing as circus acts.
After the trainers and spectators have left, the rest of the dolphins are inhumanely killed in what can only be described as a gruesome massacre, as dolphins have feelings similar to humans !

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