Mysteries of URAL Megalithic Structures

ANCIENT MEGALITHIC STRUCTURES in URAL : Little attention is paid to the mysteries of the Ural region. Many articles and films have been made about the pyramids in Egypt, the Maya culture and other phenomena, but not … Read more

Arkaim circles – the Siberian Stonehenge

Arkaim is a Bronze Age fortress in the Ural. Although it is now a ruin, it was once an advanced fortified city, well planned with drainage and sewage systems, mines and metallurgy facilities. Artifacts found at Arkaim … Read more

Springs, Screws and Metals from Russia

They look like objects you’d find in any workshop or machine shop scrap bin. They are obviously manufactured. Yet this assortment of metal springs, eyelets, spirals, and other metal objects were found in layers of sediment dated … Read more