Turmeric and Milk for Permanent Hair Removal & Glowing Skin

Permanent hair removal naturally is possible only with Thanaka powder or Turmeric and Milk combination.
Hirsutism or frazonism can cause embarrassment for women.
Thanaka is produced only in few east-asian countries like Myanmar and Burma. This is not available in all countries and could be expensive too.
The best alternate home remedy for permanent hair removal is Turmeric + Milk.
turmeric milk paste hair removal

Turmeric & Milk Paste for Permanent Hair Removal

Mix ½ cup of turmeric with enough milk to make a thick paste. Spread this on skin in direction of hair growth and let it dry.
After it dries, use a dry rough cloth and scrub your skin in circular motion to remove the paste.
Repeat this process for few weeks and you will notice hair growth thinning or almost stopping.
This method has been used on babies in India since thousands of yearly safely.

If you do not like milk, then mix turmeric powder in yogurt and add a little flour to the paste. It will dries the oil into your skin to help with the removal process.
Acidity of yogurt can be beneficial to your skin.

Generally, turmeric powder sold for cooking purpose leave golden yellowish tinge on your skin and clothes (if they come in contact with this paste).
To avoid this, buy Kasturi Turmeric powder (kasturi haldi or kasturi manjal), which is light yellow in color and will not leave much of a stain.
Lessen the discoloration by dipping a cotton ball in milk and rubbing it on skin wherever permanent hair removal is needed.

Golden Milk Recipe (Turmeric Powder + Milk) Benefits for Glowing Skin

Apart from permanent hair removal, Turmeric Powder and Milk can help your skin to glow and return youth too.
There are at least 600 health benefits from curcumin, which is found in turmeric.
golden milk recipe benefits

Golden Milk Recipe

  • 1 tea spoon turmeric paste
  • 1 cup milk (soy milk, rice milk, almond or dairy milk such as from a cow or goat)
  • ½ tea spoon almond oil or sesame oil
  • Honey or Maple Syrup (to taste)

Mix all above and warm them to make a delicious golden milk.
This golden milk Boosts memory, Lowers triglycerides, Detoxes your liver, Boosts metabolism, Promotes good digestion, Improves brain function.
It has Anti-cancer properties, Anti-inflammatory properties and is a Powerful antioxidant.
This will keep your skin glowing and young.