Khazars worshipped Siva Lingam before Judaism

Khazars were descendants of the Turkic tribe, known as the Huns or Hun, that invaded and savaged Europe from Asia around AD 450. Khazars (Turkish: Hazarlar, Tatar: Xäzärlär, Hebrew: כוזרים (Kuzarim),Arabic: خزر‎ (khazar), Russian: Хазары, Persian: خزر‎, … Read more

Koke Mongke Tengri – BLUE GOD of the Mongols

Vedic Culture existed universally and there were multiple proofs found about this fact. Mongolians too had a Blue God named Koke Mongke Tengri and a dharmic law called Yassa, developed by Genghis Khan. ‘It is ordered that … Read more