400 million years old machine at Kamchatka peninsula

ancient clock at kamchatka peninsulaIn the remote Kamchatka peninsula, 150 miles from Tigil, Russia, University of St. Petersburg archaeologists discovered a strange fossil. The authenticity of the find has been certified. According archaeologist Yuri Golubev, the discovery surprised scientists. It was a machine.
It is not the first time that an artifact, an ancient object, something like this is found in that region. But, surprisingly, the machine,at first glance, inlaid in rock looked like the remnant of a volcano.
After analysis, it seems that it was made of metal parts that seem to form a mechanism, a gear which may be of a type of watch or computer. The pieces were all dated – 400 million years ago!

Scientists said hikers found these remains in rock. The archaeologists went to the place and made the discovery. Hundreds of toothed cylinders made up the machine.They were in perfect state of conservation. Archaeologists had to control the area, because the people began to appear in large numbers to look at it. American geologists examined the machine and confirmed it was a machine. They wer amazed. .

Nobody could believe that 400 million years ago could have existed on Earth even a man [even more a machine]. At that time, the forms of life were very simple, but the finding suggests the existence of intelligent beings capable of such technology. Certainly, such beings would had come from other planets.

The parts reached the fossilization state in a period of time historically and geologically short. Possibly, the “machine” fell into a swamp.