Snake vs Mouse story in Bhagavata Purana

Bhagavata Purana (written around 3100 BCE), describes a short story about Snake and Mouse, which describes how one should make terms even with enemies to temporarily solve his problems.
This story is referred to in 8th Skandha, 6th Adhyaya of Bhagavata Purana, just before the description of Churning of Milky Ocean, but not completely narrated.
snake vs mouse story

It is very much relevant in today’s political world and even in any business.

Snake Vs Mouse Story

A snake charmer had locked up one snake in a wooden box. Somehow a mouse entered into that box, in search of food.
Upon seeing the snake, which usually preys on mouse, it got frightened.
But snake told him not to fear but bore a hole in the wooden box, so that both of them can escape from the snake charmer.
A mouse has ability and strength in its teeth to bore a hole in wood.
It believed snake’s words and it made a hole in the box through which both escaped out.

Immediately after coming out of the hole, the snake swallowed the mouse.
This story is told by Lord Vishnu to Devas so that they would take help of Danavas in churning ocean.

Vishnu said “Listen oh Brahma and Siva, gods, to what I am going to tell you. All of you listen attentively, for that will assure you Suras of the ultimate happiness.
Just settle temporarily for the blessings You will receive from making a truce with the Daityas and Danavas who presently have the time on their side.
Oh gods, if it is important to one’s duties one should even make terms with one’s enemies, like a snake would do with a mouse, depending the position he is in.
Forthwith endeavor for producing the nectar drinking which any living entity in mortal danger can become immortal. Cast all kinds of creepers, grasses, vegetables and herbs into the ocean of milk and attentively engage with My help oh gods, in churning using V√Ęsuki [the snake] for the rope and the mountain Mandara for the churning rod.
It will engage your Daitya opponents, but you will reap the fruit of that activity.
Do not get angry about it, because to engage in peace is the best way to attain all one’s goals.
Accept therefore everything that the Asuras demand oh Suras

After churning of ocean, Nectar[Amrit] was produced and Vishnu cheated Daityas by disguising as Mohini(attractive female) and gave away entire nectar to Devas to make them immortal.

Thus, powerful and efficient enemies are sometimes made into temporary friends and when their work is done, they’re discraded, killed or framed into a trap.

In history, we can see how many kings like Sivaji etc have acted to make temporary friendship with their enemies and later ditched them.
In modern day politics we observe how few politicians make temporary friends (alliances) even with their enemied, take their help for some time and once they attain power, then kill them politically by trapping them into cases or corruption or defame them or even break their party by attracting their members into own party.