39000 Years Old Frozen Woolly Mammoth found in Siberia

Frozen Woolly Mammoth was found in Siberia Ice Tomb during May 2013.
Blood sample found in the ice can be used to clone the beast, which is assumed to have last walked on earth around 4000 years ago.
She is now to go on public display in Yokohama, Japan.
frozen woolly mammoth siberia

Parts of the carcass are especially well preserved because they remained entirely frozen for thousands of years, including the hair.
However, the upper torso and two legs, which were entombed in the soil, have been gnawed by prehistoric and modern predators and almost did not survive.
It is the first ever well-preserved sample of blood from a woolly mammoth and has reopened the debate over the morality of Jurassic Park-style projects to restore extinct creatures to the planet.

It is believed that 150 million mammoths are still buried under the permafrost.
The last woolly mammoth walked on earth around 1700 BCE.
The woolly mammoth was probably wiped out by rapid climate change caused by a meteor striking the Earth, not by overhunting as previously believed.

39000 years old frozen woolly mammoth

The calf woolly mammoth is named Lyuba and it died at the age of one month, in a mudslide, and was trapped there for all this time, until the discovery. The internal organs are still intact, and provided alot of info for scientists. There was even some milk from her mother still in her tummy.

Woolly Mammoth’s ivory was used to make NaraSimha idol and bone flute around 40000 years ago in Germany.
Ivory of the beast is preserved in ice and is a legal and ethical alternative to elephant tusk.

If everything goes right, we could witness a walking live Woolly Mammoth in this generation.
woolly mammoth clone