Vibhishana’s son Neela prayed Panchamukha Hanuman at Puri (Purushottama Kshetra / Neeladri)

Parasara Samhita mentions history of Vibhishana’s son Neela who prayed Panchamukha Hanuman at Purushottama Kshetra (currently Puri, Odisha) and how he defeated Indra.
Vibhishana son Neela

Many years after Rama-Ravana war, when Vibheeshana was ruling Lanka, his son Neela wanted 3 things that can make their wealth complete.
He wanted Chintamani (a wish fulfilling jewel), Kamadhenu (mother of all cows, which grants all wishes) and Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) which are under Indra’s control.
Vibhishana disagrees by saying that, he is satisfied with whatever he has and also with friendship of Rama.
He is also enjoying support of all kings and rulers of all 8 directions.
After some discussions, Vibhishana thinks that his son wants to earn fame by waging a war against Indra.
So he advises him to meet Asura guru Sukracharya and seek his directions.
Neela serves Sukracharya for 10-12 years and upon guru’s satisfaction, expresses his desire.
Sukra teaches him how to pray Panchavaktra Hanuman on Mrigasirsha nakshatra day.

Neela Sukra Hanuman
Hanuman appears with 33 crores arbuda serving men (33 x 1010).
Neela chants Anjaneya Stotra and pleases him.
Hanuman grants his wish and asks him to attack Indra, next day to fulfill his desire.
Hanuman also says that apart from 3 things he wanted, he can also get Vanasundari as wife.
Lord Brahma will grant you with more boons.
This placed called Purushottama Kshetra, will be known by your name (Neela) from now.
Thus, the mountain was called Neeladri (Niladri or Nilachal) and Purushottama Kshetra became Puri over many years.
Neela Hanuman Purushottama Kshetra

Next day, Neela sends a messenger to Indra and asks him to surrender Chintamani, Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha.
Neela messenger to Indra

Indra insults the messenger and this leads to a war.
Neela war Indra

Neela successfully defeats Indra and when about to chop his head, Brahma intervenes and grants all 3 wishes.
Brahma stops Neela

Brahma explains how Moon god and Vanasundari appeared from eyes of Maharshi Atri after severe penance/austerity.
Atri daughter Vanasundari

Neela marries Vanasundari and returns to Lanka.
Neela wife Vanasundari

There is no actual mountain in Puri town. The temple of Jagannath itself was built on a man-made small mountain, which was originally made by Vibhishana’s son Neela.
Without knowing these details, few fake historians claimed that Bhaumas of Assam ruled over Odisha in 8th century CE, obtained the shrine from the Savaras, got the temple built on the spot and gave it the name Nilachala, which was the name of the famous shrine of Kamakhya in their homeland of Assam.
The man-made small mountain on which Puri Jagannath temple was built is neither blue (Neela) in color, nor Madhava (Vishnu) residing over there was Neela (blue color).

Hymn 10.155 of the Rig veda mentions a Daru (wooden log) floating in the ocean as apurusham, which made this place as Purushottama Kshetra.
Later Vibhishana’s son Nila worshipped Panchamukha Hanuman on a small self-made mountain, which was named after him as Niladri or Nilachal.
Skanda Purana also mentions Nilachala.

Actual Panchamukha Hanuman appears like this, with Garuda Mukha facing backwards, unlike all faces side-by-side as depicted in many temples and pictures.
Panchamukha Hanuman