Bali capital Bhogavati is Bogota, Colombia

King MahaBali went to South America (Patala Loka) from South India and established his capital as Bhogavati.
This is modern day Bogota, the capital of Colombia.
paracas trident peru

In Yuddha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, Rama mentions that Visakha is the constellation of Ikshvaku dynasty and Moola is the constellation of Rakshasas.
Vernal Equinox was important those days. So King Bali must have ruled India when vernal equinox was in Moola nakshatra and this period is around 17000 – 18000 BCE or much earlier cycle.
Rate of precesion cycle through each constellation is about 960 years.
One cycle of the precesion of equinoxes takes 960 x 27 nakshatras = 25,920 years.
Today it is in Aquarius, that means, precision of equinoxes moved by 20-21 nakshatras since Bali’s era, which is 21×960 = 21,160 years i.e Bali existed around 18000 BCE.
This is assuming that not even one cycle of the precession of equinoxes is completed.
If one or more cycles are completed, then we need to add 25920 years more for each cycle.
Precision moves anti-clockwise, so after 4 nakshatras, when it was in Visakha, Ikshvaku dynasty started. Which means, approximately 3000-4000 years after Bali left India, Ikshvaku started ruling from around 15000-14000 BCE.

विमले च प्रकाशेते विशाखे निरुपद्रवे || ६-४-५१
नक्षत्रम् परम् अस्माकम् इक्ष्वाकूणाम् महात्मनाम् |

Translation : Visakha stars are shining clearly without any evil influence. This supreme constellation is of our Ikshvakus, the high-souled.

नैरृतम् नैरृतानाम् च नक्षत्रम् अभिपीड्यते || ६-४-५२ ( Valmiki Ramayana)
मूलम् मूलवता स्प्ऱ्ष्टम् धूप्यते धूम केतुना |

नैरृतम् नैरृतानाम् च नक्षत्रम् अभिपीड्यते || ६-४-५२
मूलम् मूलवता स्प्ऱ्ष्टम् धूप्यते धूम केतुना |

Translation : The Mula constellation of the titans is badly aspected, in that it is touched by a comet risen with a tail of light and tormented by it.

Bali first went to Peru, where Trident symbol was created as boundary between Rakshasas and others.
paracas trident peru
There he established his kingdom with a capital named ‘Bhogavati‘, which still exists with distorted name ‘Bogota‘, as capital of Colombia.
Ancient Makshika became Mexico, Ketumala is Guatemala., Suryanama is Suriname
Vishnu Purana mentions that Ketumala is situated to the far west of Jambudvipa.
Puranas, Ramayana, Uttara Ramayana etc mention that Maya, Sumali, Maali, Maalyavana, the first Ravana, sons of Sagara, sage Kapila, Hanuman, Rama, Lakshmana traveled to Patala.
Detailed description of the palace Bhogavati is given in the book Vidhurapaṇḍita Jātaka.

Bali had built airports, runways and his flights landed at Nazca lines in Peru.
nazca lines spaceman
If they had flights at that era, then how come we lost them later ? The fuel used must have got exhausted just like petroleum products getting exhausted at faster pace now.
The King of Mexico, Montezuma told spanish invader cortis that his ancestors arrived from the east.
aztec tenochtitlan
Aztecs, Nahuas etc tribes came from India.

Bogota Ancient Aircrafts
Gold model of Aircraft found at Bagota Gold Museum, which is inside building of Banco de Bogota (State Bank of Colombia).
These aircraft models are made of pure gold and existed since thousands of years.
Bogota Ancient Aircrafts

Saqqara Glider found in Egypt also has similar shape and inidcates that ancient Indians flew to different parts of the world.
saqqara bird glider