Nuclear Bomb in Babylon Cylindrical Seal (600 BCE)

Babylon Cylinder Seal from 600 BCE shows Nuclear Bomb and explosion, made during era of Nebuchadnezzar II, who was a Chaldean king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.
Cylinder seals were invented around 3500 BCE in the Near East, at the contemporary sites of Susa in south-western Iran and Uruk in southern Mesopotamia.
Made, from hard stones, these seals were used as an administrative tool, a form of signature, as well as jewelry and as magical amulets; later versions would employ notations with Mesopotamian cuneiform.

The above seal imprint on clay shows King Nebuchadnezzar II (ruled between 605 – 562 BCE), releasing a large constructed form, which appears similar to modern day atom bomb or nuclear bomb.
This explodes into a cloud of dust, sending weapons of warfare in all directions accompanied by the eight pointed stars of Ishtar, who is goddess of war.
The same tree, by the same artisan, had appeared on the other seals, but this tree bore no fruit, instead it was dropping its dead leaves as it died or effected by nuclear radiation.
The intaglio was carved into a cylinder of gold, capped on one end by polished lapis lazuli, and on the other by a flat seal carved in gold with the symbol of Ishtar, an eight pointed star.
Scene on the seal depicts Ishtar, goddess of both love and war, with the weapons of war held in a peaceful attitude (bow reversed) and with her garments opened to expose her body.
A priest and priestess are bowing before their goddess. A tree bearing fruit serves as backdrop to this peaceful scene of Ishtar and her worshippers.

The text from the seal in first picture reads :

sha-pal IM.SHU.RIN

Translation :
Of Nebuchadnezzar
King of Babylon
Palace of Summer
Beneath the furnace

There must be furnaces beneath the palace of King, which produced such nuclear weapons.
Nebuchadnezzar II, (lived during 634 – 562 BCE), freed Babylon from Assyria and expanded his kingdom, and created such technological wonders as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Ishtar gate.
This must be one of those scientific developments during his regime.

This seal indicates a secret of old methods of destruction that when situation is out of control, could be used to destroy not just the single city of Babylon, but entire nations surrounding it.