Good, Bad Dreams & Results in Agni Purana

Types and number of days taken to experience results, methods to nullify effects of bad dreams explained in Agni Purana as narrated by Pushkara to Parasurama.
Good and Bad dreams, results in Agni Purana

Agni Purana is said to have about 16000 slokas, but only 11457 are available today.
It describes stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, regional geography of Mithila Kingdom (modern Bihar/Jharkhand), Ayurvedic Medicines, Dasavatar of Vishnu, Politics, Agriculture, Planning, 32 types of Martial Arts, Weapons, Holiness and breeding methods of Cow, Architecture of Temples, Poetry, Literature, metrics in writing and reading, Yoga, Advaita and summary of Bhagavadgita.

It also describes methods to perform Prayaschitth (atonement) for different sins, types of dreams and results experienced etc.
Pushkara describes to sage Parasurama, both good and bad dreams experienced during sleep, time taken to experience results of these dreams and how to stop bad effects of dreams.

Bad Dreams

Grass, plants or trees growing on body parts (except navel), Pots carried on head breaking up, head being tonsured or shaved, roaming around naked, wearing soiled or torn clothes, applying oil, sewage or body waste on skin, falling from heights, getting married, listening to songs or musical instruments, swinging, dancing, collecting flowers like lotus or metals, killing snakes or reptiles, seeing trees with red color flowers, seeing a dirty person, donkey, boar, pig, dog, monkey, camel are bad.

Riding on these animals in dream is also bad.
Eating bird meat, pickle or any cooked dish, drinking oil, entering mother’s womb, being on funeral pyre, broken rainbow, fall or breakup of Sun or Moon, seeing nebula or fall or stars, seeing natural calamities are bad dreams.
Gods, gurus, kings or higher officials getting angry, laughing, performing marriage of someone, playing musical instruments (except Veena or any strings based instrument), drowning in water, bathing in soiled water, hugging and having sex with virgin young girls, homosexual activities, limbs getting hurt, vomiting or Diarrhea, travelling towards south direction, getting sick, burning or collapsing of houses, loss of food items, sweeping floor, playing with wild animals, ghosts, zombies, being insulted or getting threatened by enemies are bad dreams.

One should not discuss these bad dreams with others. if experience a bad dream, one should wake up, drink water, pray their guru/master/god and then sleep again.
If sleep during night is divided into 4 equal parts, dreams during 1st quarter will yield bad results after one year.
Dreams during 2nd quarter yield results in 6-12 months.
Dreams during 3rd quarter yield results in 3-6 months.
Dreams during 4th quarter yield results in 1-3 months.
If any dream is seen after sunrise or just before awakening, its result can be experienced in about 10-15 days.

Good Dreams

Climbing Mountain, Building, Palace, or riding Elephant, Horse, Ox is good.
Trees with white colored flowers, grass or plants growing from own navel, If seen themselves with multiple limbs or heads, wearing white clothes, catching Sun, Moon or stars, Rainbow, Flag, waterfall, demolishing or eradicating enemies, winning debates or wars, drinking milk or alchohol, seeing or bathing with blood, clear sky are good dreams.
Seeing cow, buffalo or any milk yieling animal, drinking breast milk from Lioness, female elephant or horse are also good.
Gifts from Gods, gurus, bathing with water flowing from cow horns or from Moon will make one achieve a powerful position.

Being coronated as King, beheading, dying, birning in fire, playing musical instruments like Veena are good dreams.
Crying, getting gold, sexual activities with prostitute, climbing tree or mountain peaks are also good dreams.

If one experiences both good and bad dreams in same night, they should discuss only 2nd dream with others as it will only have effect.
If one sees good dream, they should not wakeup from sleep until sunrise.